Insight with Lise and Nichole

Finding the stories within the story.

First online book club for Kelly and me last night.  The book that made all of this a reality is by Upwards by Aaron Hunnell, Maximize life with positivity, passion and purpose.  This is where this journey all begins.

I ordered the book from Amazon and 3 days later it was here.  Even thought I wanted to read it the second  the book got here, it actually took me 2 weeks to finish the book, not because the book requires that long to read but because I was waiting to read the book on my vacation.

I absolutely loved the book.  Many touching moments and some stories brought tears to my eyes.  Many tissues were used and many happy tears  streamed down my cheeks.

A few quotes from the book: “There are gifts all around us if we intentionally seek them.  Life will present you with adverse experiences that make you question your strength, your mental fortitude your value, or your self worth.” p.13

“Something deep down made me feel that this encounter was not a mere coincidence, but something that was necessary for me to fulfill my purpose.” p.72

” If you don’t make time for something, what happens to it? It decreases in value and ultimately dies if you avoid it too long.” p.114

We will be hosting a second online book club of Aaron Hunnels book Upwards on Saturday April 8th at 7:00PM.  I will be posting the link on our book club facebook events page.  See you there.