Insight with Lise and Nichole

Finding the stories within the story.

This weeks #friendshipfridays is someone I met many years ago when our children were very young. I still remember what said to me one day, “We are not raising children, we are raising future adults.” That is something that really resonated wth me and really changed the way I parented my kids. I feel my kids are better little humans because of that piece of advice.

Jaye is the vase that hold the bouquet of flowers, a beautiful and unique set of individuals of friends who together create something wonderful. She holds space and supports her friends and is a valuable part of community.

I happy that she is part of my circle.

Jaye is my go to person for Candles. She also part of the Cloud Nine Team. You can find her at

Our Podcast episode with Jaye will be released shortly. Stay tuned.