Insight with Lise and Nichole

Finding the stories within the story.

I love ready Brene Browns work. I also love listening to the audiobooks they are read by her. I also love how she quotes Maya Angelou.

The biggest take away from this book are the quotes below. It’s taught me to be who I am and to show up as my authentic self, including the difference between belonging and fitting in.

“The special courage it takes to experience true belonging is not just about braving the wilderness, it’s about becoming the wilderness. It’s about breaking down the walls, abandoning our ideological bunkers and living from our wild heart rather than our weary hurt. We’re going to need to intentionally be with people who are different from us. We’re going to have to sign up, join and take a seat at the table. We’re going to have to learn how to listen, have hard conversations, look for joy, share pain and be more curious than defensive, all while seeking moments of togetherness.” Brene Brown

I’ve listened to her books a few times each. Sometimes it’s just a part of the book, sometimes the whole thing. Every time I listen, I seem to be in a different season of my life and it resonates differently. I get a different gem that’s relevant to what ‘s going on at the time.